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 The purpose of this page is to aid you in the design of your loudspeaker system.


  Selecting a loudspeaker on our "Store" page leads to options to customize your design.  Cabinet colors, grill cloth colors, and loudspeaker quantities are listed.  There are over 310+ possible combinations.  Your selections can then be sent to the cart for final purchase.

  The "Store" page is where you can also choose loudspeaker cabinet legs, custom grills, additional

grill colors, and other electronics and options.

  Have fun with it!

Are you Ready?

Be Creative!

Pick a Loudspeaker Color

Pick a Grill Cloth

  When choosing a wool grill cloth for your loudspeaker, consider how it may match your loudspeaker color.  You may want something subtle that matches your cabinet color.  You may want strong contrast, so go with something that makes a statement.  While one color choice comes with your loudspeaker, you may choose additional colored grills in our store.  Our loudspeaker design is measured acoustically with the wool grill cloth for the most linear response.  If you wish more high frequency, a custom print cloth allows more high frequency output.  Removing the grill all together gives an increase of several db for more "sparkle".  

 Custom Grill  Design 


 You may want a custom grill with an image that you provide.  Just email the design after submitting your order for your own custom grill.  Colors of the image may not be as vibrant, and lines may not be as defined as in the image you provide due to cloth porosity.  HD standards are 1280x720 resolution or 300 pixels per inch are recommended.

Most of the samples we have on this sight are from photographs taken with an i-phone.  Look at things in nature, paintings, made made designs, or family members.  It's all up to you.   We really like images that are optical illusions.  You may love Anime'.  You may find something on one of many websites that offer high definition art and photos.  

Pick a Stand

  Legs are welded to a base plate.  The top plate may not be level due to the metals ability to slightly bend during shipment.  The floor may not be level as well.  Place a level on the top plate horizontally and from front to back, and gently push/pull the legs out/in until the top plate is level.  It sounds complicated, but is actually quite easy to do.  Vibration pads are included with the stands.  These are sticky, and will hold the loudspeaker in place.

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