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Custom Grill Cloth

  Download your selected high definition image in JPG, PNG and TIFF files only.  We will transfer the image to a custom grill cloth.  Image color saturation and line details may not match exactly due to the porosity of the fabric.  Each design will be exactly copied.  Due to size differences and content, we will center the image as close as possible.  There may be; however, differences from grill to grill.   Your design can have its mirrored image.  A single charge would be for each grill regardless of the image used. 

**We do not sell the image.  We sell the printing and construction process, the image is supplied by you*** 



Custom Grill Cloth

  • After you order your custom grill option, please submit your design to, along with your name, or the name of the company for which you are submitting your purchase.  We will verify if your image meets quality levels, and submit the final design back to you for your approval.  Once approved, we will process your order.  This process may take 2-3 weeks due to print demands.

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