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Custom Audio for Your Home and Office
    Loudspeaker and Audio Equipment Design, Manufacture, and Installation Since 1965.    

Tailored for You 

The Process

   Let's keep it simple.  What do you want?
Your thoughts, and our expertise combine to form an exceptionally personalized audio system.

The Interview. 
    We want to know what types of music you listen to, at what volume you listen, and where you like to listen.  Are you planning to have a music room, or theater?  Do you enjoy an aggressive sound that is bass heavy, a subdued and relaxed sound, or both?  Do you like convenience and control at your fingertips, or do you prefer the tactile, old school esthetic?  Do you prefer your system to be hidden, or do you want your system to stand out?

Create a Plan
   We visit the site location and review architectural drawings.  We may meet with the Architect to verify room layout and placement options for audio and video gear,  and consider room use and flow.    

Design the System 
   We match our custom loudspeaker designs with the latest in electronic technology, giving you the highest possible Audiophile Experience.  
    Our offerings are "no compromise" solutions at a reasonable price.

It is our legacy.

Design        Build          Install         Enjoy

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