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Wireless All-in-One version coming soon.


-Wifi Connected

-Add multiple       units and sync     together 


Want to Customize Your Loudspeakers?

Berne Akustik

   Böerne Akustik is a boutique sound reproduction design firm in Texas. 

         We create sound systems that move the listener in an emotional and physical way.

We use proven "old school" loudspeaker construction techniques

and modern loudspeaker design. 

Select a loudspeaker, customize the appearance to your unique style,

and enjoy rich sound to last for decades.

Do not be fooled by our systems diminutive size.

They have a bass heavy flavor that is room filling.

Choose from multiple grill cloth colors, or submit your HD file

for a personalized, custom design.


     We use close center technics, allowing excellent coupling of our driver compliment. 

 Low frequencies are rear-firing to help increase distance for greater low frequency

extension, and aligns the woofer with the front firing driving.

This helps to decrease standing waves and unwanted cabinet vibration.

    Our sound systems are designed to be visually pleasing.  You choose the loudspeaker color,

and customize it to meet your unique style preferences.

    Our systems are designed together throughout the process, and may include

loudspeakers, custom grills, legs, and related cables. 

sm Loudspeaker

A 2-way, 4 ohm passive design system with a rear firing passive radiator.

Driver compliment designed in Denmark

One full range 5.25 inch woofer without use of crossover

One 1.125 inch high frequency unit crossed over with a 12db per octave network.

8 inch passive radiator

+/- 2.5 db from 48hz to 20000hz.

The sm Loudspeaker is designed to be used as a monitor, or as a stand mount.

Loudspeaker has a continuous rise in the low frequency to compensate for baffle step.

86 db sensitivity

50 watts RMS, 100 watts peak

5.25mm x-max for the woofer.

Speaker Cabinet Dimensions: H: 11 inches W: 11 inches D: 5.75 inches

Weight:  11 Pounds or 5 Kg.

The loudspeaker can be driven by lower power amplifiers; however, to maintain control and reach its' potential, our amplification rating of more than 100 watts rms per channel is recommended.

Excellent for casual fun, or the critical listener.  The design offers extended and deep low frequency response that is surprising for its' size.  Clear, clean, natural sound is in large part to not having a crossover in line with the woofer.  This leaves the woofer to remain unrestricted, developing a wide-open sound stage.    The passive radiator acts to breakup standing waves, as well as reducing coloration common in ported designs.  It also acts as a semi push/pull design, reducing cabinet resonance.  Similar designs in the industry are often 2-3 times the price.


Close your eyes and pick out the instruments in the room.  Listen to music for hours, unrestrained. 

***Our larger LG Loudspeaker is a more powerful design and is to be announced***

Design Your System 

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